Cedarville, OH: Lindsey Ford is a student at Cedarville University, a 3700-student Baptist university located in Cedarville, Ohio. As part of her missions calling, she is teaming up with CU’s Global Outreach to spend part of her summer (May 28 – June 11) in Peru distributing Bibles. She and her team will be backpacking into mountain villages, carrying copies of Scripture which has recently be translted into Quechua. To cover her expenses and to purchase copies of the new Bible, we will receive a special missions offering on February 14 (Valentine’s Day). Our goal is $3,000.
Lindsey has been a part of the Blue Church her entire life, and was saved and baptized 11 years ago.  She responded to the Lord’s call on her life to enter missions in 2013 ago during a Wednesday night Bible study.  While completing her education, she has volunteered at the Oaks in Greeneville, TN and at Mission for Haiti in Pignon, Haiti.
CU’s Global Outreach team will be sent to assist with the ministry of Ade and Rachel Yanac.  The Yanacs work with the Quechuan Mission & Wycliffe Bible Translators in Huaraz, Peru where they live with their two boys, Danny & Luis.  The Yanacs worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators to translate the Bible and other Christian literature into the Quechuan language. 
With the work of translation now completed, the printing, purchase, and distribution of Bibles and literature has become the focus.   In this time the Yanacs have taken on the challenge to deliver Bibles and literature to the Quechuan speaking villages.  In addition to this, Ade and Rachel assist the Quechuan Mission in Huaraz as they follow up with these villages on a regular basis conducting outreach and providing biblical education both in the city as well as the rural villages.


While in Peru the team will come alongside the Yanacs to support their work.  A key aspect of this will be delivering Bibles to the villages mentioned earlier.  These villages are at high altitude (approximately 9,000-14,000 feet) and very remote (many accessible only by foot).  This is an incredible opportunity of giving God’s Word to the people in their own language, many for the very first time.  

Lindsey teaching
Lindsey Oaks