On November 1, 2020 Peace Free Will Baptist Church will celebrate 35 years of ministry to the Lakeway Area in East Tennessee.
Peace Free Will Baptist Church was established in 1985 by the late Howard Munsey.  For the first few weeks, the church met at Wayne’s Boot Store, the business location of one of our charter members, In December of that year we moved to a temporary storefront location in Radio Center on S. Cumberland Street.  Soon property was acquired at our present location on U.S. 25E and our facilities constructed.
Our first service in the new timber-framed sanctuary was held on November 15, 1987. Brother Munsey served as the congregation’s pastor until his retirement in March 1994. His successor, Dr. Chris Dotson, then continued the work that was started 30 years ago up until 2019. The ministry of The Blue Church continues strong to this day!
On Sunday November 1, The Agee Family will be singing for us while helping us celebrate 35 years! We hope to have you with us!