Beginning June 23!
June 23 @ 6 PM
The pavilion at Greenlee Campground
400 Vacation Way,
Rutledge, TN
Main Course: Hamburgers (LeFevers/Harris)
Message: Pastor Chris
Special Music: Donna
June 30 @ 7 PM
The farm of Ben and Tammy Eskola
1175 Fred Sharpe Road,
White Pine, TN
Main Course: Chicken Quesadillas (Eskola/Dotson)
Message: Deacon Newl from Genesis Church
Special Music: Emily & Houk Family
Testimony: Pastor Matthew
July 7 @ 6 PM
The home of Lois Remis
3485 Springvale Road,
Morristown, TN
Main Course: BBQ Chicken (Remis/Harrold)
Message: Pastor Matthew
Special Music: Brad, Sheri, Mitzi, & Gary
Testimony: Brad J
July 14 @ 6 PM
The home of  Scotty & Lyndie Trentham
247 Denison Way,
Sevierville, TN
Main Course: Hamburgers (Trentham/Chesteen)
Message: Deacon Ben
Special Music: Me. Thomas
Testimony: Deacon Brian
July 21 @ 6 PM
The property of The Blue Church
600 S Davy Crockett PKWY
Morristown, TN  
Main Course: Grilled Chicken (Gorenflo/Houk)
Message: Brother Bill Page
Special Music: Billy
Testimony: Moe
July 28 @ 6 PM
The home of Terry & Dinah Wright
133 Island Harbor,
Mooresburg, TN
Main Course: TBD (Wright/Osborn)
Message: Pastor Houk
Special Music: Darlene
Testimony: Lindsey