We Are Established

Peace Free Will Baptist Church was established in 1985 by the late Howard Munsey.  Munsey soloFor the first few weeks, the church met at Wayne’s Boot Store, the business location of one of our charter members, In December of that year we moved to a temporary storefront location in Radio Center on S. Cumberland Street.  Soon property was acquired at our present location on U.S. 25E and our facilities constructed.  Our first service in the new timber-framed sanctuary was held on November 15, 1987. Brother Munsey served as the congregation’s pastor until his retirement in March 1994. His successor, Dr. Chris Dotson, then continued the work that was started 30 years ago up until 2019.

We Are Free Will Baptist

Peace Church is affiliated with the National Association of Free Will Baptists, a denomination based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Free Will Baptist roots can be traced to England as early as 1611. The first Free Will Baptist church in America was begun by Paul Palmer in 1727 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Some years later, in 1780, under the leadership of Benjamin Randall, Free Will Baptists were established in the northeast at New Durham, New Hampshire. From these early beginnings, Free Will Baptists in America have had a continuing ministry. Today, the National Association of Free Will Baptists is active in 40 states and 20 foreign countries.

We Are Christ-centered

Our desire is to honor Christ in all that we do or say.  He is the sole reason for our existence – our purpose for living.  In our worship, classes, meetings and activities, you will find an intentional focus on the Savior through:
  • Adoration. The Lord is great and greatly to be praised.  For us, Theology (the knowledge of God) is more than an academic pursuit; it is what prompts us to worship.  At Peace Church we encourage both private and public worship.  During our times together, everyone is encouraged to participate in our blended-style worship through prayer, Scripture reading, and expository preaching.    
  • Thanksgiving. Of course, there is no greater way to worship than to give thanks to God for his grace and mercy.  At Peace Church, we encourage each other to see the hand of the Lord in every circumstance – even the difficult ones. Then when your eyes are opened to the mercies of the Lord, we are confident that you will find 10,000 reasons (and more) to bless the Lord.
  • Confession. In order to receive God’s gift of salvation, each of us at some time acknowledged our sinfulness before him. Now as believers, through Bible study and prayer, we continue to be confronted with our fallen nature and sinful appetites. Therefore, in the process of Christian growth, there is an ongoing need for the confession of sin as encouraged by the Apostle John in his first letter to the church. 
  • Petition and Intercession. In Scripture, we are taught to pray – everywhere, at all times, and for all people. In our services we never rush the sharing of each others’ burdens through prayer and intercession.  Whether you are quietly praying in your pew or joining a corporate prayer at the altar, we believe that petitioning heaven is your greatest (expression of dependence on God’s grace.
  • Instruction. To use a biblical metaphor, it is essential that believers have a regular diet of the biblical instruction.  Through Sunday School, Bible Study, and Preaching Services, you will find the Christ-centered instruction necessary to grow in grace.  

 We Are Biblically Grounded

At Peace Church you will find a great emphasis on the Bible.  We believe the Bible is the very Word of God and without error in all that it affirms. Therefore we acknowledge that it is our final rule of faith and practice. Collectively the sixty-six books of the Bible determine our core values and provide parameters for living.  In other words, the Scripture teaches us both how to think and how to live in this world.  Furthermore, everything that is necessary for life and godliness may be found within its pages.
Theologically our understanding of the Bible is rooted in traditional Arminianism, which affirms that Christ’s death on the cross made salvation possible for anyone who believes.  Thus the only condition for salvation is faith in the Savior.  Therefore we believe that a person is saved by faith and kept by faith.  Please check out our Statement of Faith to learn more.